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QuikPlan is more than industry leading home care software

The beginnings of QuikPlan in 2002

Nicholas Patrick the managing director of QuikPlan Limited started a small project in 2002 to help his mother and sister with a call planning and administration program for their care agency.

Nicholas had tried to find a software program that was easy enough for his mother to use but powerful enough to automate the office administration tasks that had been taking them considerable time to accomplish. After extensive research of the domiciliary care software market, he could not find anything suitable so he decided to create his own rostering program.

The early development of QuikPlan

The initial QuikPlan program was very simple and did the job nicely however other local domiciliary care agencies looked at the software and were so impressed they purchased it. Nicholas decided to continue development of the software for commercial sale and continued to commit considerable time working on new initiative features. Nicholas worked closely with local care agencies, taking advice from the people who actually do the day to day co-ordination and after many months of relentless work, QuikPlan evolved into an advanced automated planning and administration programme that people with basic computer skills could easily learn and use.

The incorporation of QuikPlan Limited

In the early days of QuikPlan’s development and with the overwhelming interest in the QuikPlan program, Nicholas decided to set up a dedicated company to deal with the demand and consequently incorporated QuikPlan Limited. It was an instant success and QuikPlan Limited grew steadily while building up a loyal customer base. It was decided in 2008 that an all new QuikPlan was needed to keep up with rapidly changing computer technology. Nicholas had been discussing his ideas through with Cam McClory, a highly qualified and experienced software developer who has been responsible for managing the development of software for the likes of Shell Shipping and high street banks Nicholas and Cam worked together on the new QuikPlan project with the objective of producing the most powerful yet easiest to use domiciliary software ever developed.

The continuing growth and development of QuikPlan

Five years after starting extensive development work on the all new QuikPlan program, the team at QuikPlan released their all new software and were thrilled with the positive feedback they received. It still contained all of the original features that users liked about the original system but now included the power and functionality of an industry leading rostering system that is truly state of the art. The agencies who have upgraded form the older version of QuikPlan to the new version have been extremely pleased with its speed and flexibility. Businesses who have moved from other systems to QuikPlan have been delighted with QuikPlan’s powerful features and ease of use. Our aim is to continue with QuikPlan Schedule Expert’s development and build on QuikPlan Limited’s reputation of excellent customer service and industry leading innovation.

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