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QuikPlan Schedule Expert Domiciliary Care Software is not just a software program; it is a complete IT solution. The software has been written in one of the most advanced software environments that delivers incredible speed, stability and scalability.

The database engine used by QuikPlan Schedule Expert Domiciliary Care Software is a Microsoft fully relational SQL database that is capable of handling many millions of transactions. The front end GUI has been developed in Microsoft Visual Studio (.Net) and Power Builder. These systems was chosen as the GUI for its powerful features and total integration within databases and other third party software packages. This combination of development environments has been used by the biggest global companies and high street banks for many years, so the technology we have deployed is probably the most trusted and scalable solution available.

Software deployment

QuikPlan Schedule Expert is deployed to our clients through a cloud based remote desktop connection from our dedicated servers hosted and managed by UKFast Limited who are based in Manchester. UKFast provide QuikPlan Limited with 24/7/365 onsite support for any hardware and operating issues that may arise which means that we can guarantee virtually 100% uptime for our service. QuikPlan Schedule Expert can be used on virtually every type of computer with a broadband connection from literally anywhere in the world. This method of deployment makes QuikPlan extremely transportable and easy to network without any IT skills.

QuikPlan will work on most versions of Microsoft Windows(including Windows Mobile, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10), Linux, Unix, OS X, iOS, Android, and other operating systems.

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