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Saving you time and Money

Details of mileage and mapping system

The mileage and mapping system built into QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care software can save a care agency considerable time and money by making the labour intensive task of calculating the mileage between calls as instant as pressing a button. Not only can it calculate a care worker’s mileage for a period worked it does it accurately thus saving the cost of over estimated mileage on distances between visits.

Save time and money, guaranteed.

The distances calculated for care workers’ visits are combined with the carer’s pay and agreed travel allowance to automatically produce fuel allowance that is shown on the care worker’s pay slip. The whole procedure of paying the carer and calculating the fuel allowance is fully automated and guarantees you a massive saving in both time and money.

A map can be produced and printed showing the route a care worker will take between calls along with directions. The directions are detailed and give road names, directions and distance. The journey has an estimated time between calls so your rota management will become more accurate making for happy care workers. The mapping and mileage feature is included with QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care software at no extra cost.

The QuikPlan Schedule Expert mileage calculator and mapping system will make light work of the time consuming and tedious job of adding up and checking mileage sheets.

Not only is it accurate, it is also unbelievably quick, taking only a few seconds to work out one months worth of travel for a care worker. There can be no more arguments about distances between calls because QuikPlan uses Microsoft MapPoint to calculate the distances.

You can choose whether you wish to pay for the shortest or quickest journey and because we regularly upgrade the mapping information the information returned is extremely accurate.

The mapping feature is useful if you want to print a map and directions for a care worker, you can even include a new address between routes to ascertain if you are able to fit in another call. All in all it gives you the power at your fingertips to know where everyone is and to plan your care workers’ runs more efficiently.

Working with the mileage and mapping system

01.Viewing maps

After selecting a group of visits for a care worker you can right click on the list and choose [show map]. This will open up the mapping window and start calculating the visit positions based on the care worker’s time sheet. A map will appear showing the route along with directions from call to call.

02. Creating Mileage

Select a group of care workers’ visits then right click and select from the list [calculate mileage]. This will automatically work out the distance between calls and place the result in a field pertaining to the relevant visit. The operation is extremely accurate and quick taking only a few seconds.

03.Paying travel allowance

Paying travel allowance between calls is done at the point of paying the carer. After selecting the pay period for the carer, you click “calculate mileage” and QuikPlan Schedule Expert will automatically calculate the mileage between calls and total them up. It will then look to see what fuel allowance has been allocated for that care worker and calculate the travel reimbursement.

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