Care Manager Information

One place to view the status of your business

Care Manager Overview - Critical Information Centre

The Information Centre gives you an overview of your QuikPlan home care system and alerts you to the time critical events. The Information Centre is displayed automatically at startup so you can be sure that you never miss an uncovered task, urgent reminder or an out of date service charge.

From all of the main areas of QuikPlan home care software you can access the Information Centre by clicking on its icon in the Speedcon Bar. This makes it easy to check the status of critical alerts without having to leave the screen you are working on. With all this information only a click away you have the tools to take greater control of your time critical business requirements.

Information Centre

The Information Centre makes the job of a busy home care coordinator much simpler by presenting those vital reminders all in one place. With QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care software there is no need to search around the system to ascertain the status of critical time governed events.


View the status of your vital business information such as training and appraisals and stay in control of time critical events.

Uncovered Tasks

At a glance you can see the status of your uncovered tasks broken down into groups that show their urgency for attention.

Suspended Clients

You can easily see how many of your service users have had their service suspended maybe for respite or holiday.

Active Services

Services represent the tasks that you do for a group of service users such as private or social services. Your charges are associated with these services so it is important for you to see when they are out of date.

Contact QuikPlan Support

The QuikPlan support team are ready and waiting for your call when you need help. Go to the Information Centre to quickly obtain your QuikPlan support contact details.

Working with Care Manager Information

01.Warning Icons

The status of an alert is shown with warning icons starting with red for high priority, amber for medium, green for low and grey for non-urgent priorities. By simply looking at the Information Centre you can view your business activities at a glance.

02.Time Critical Alerts

Never miss a time critical event again. Uncovered tasks, meetings, reminders, out of date prices, clients that are due back from respite, in fact all the essential alerts and reminders are presented to you from one easy to understand place.

03.Accessing the Information Centre

The Information Centre is displayed automatically at startup and is accessible from virtually anywhere from within QuikPlan Schedule Expert. When you want to see all your important time critical alerts, simply click on the Information Centre Icon.

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