Care Staff Rostering

Rostering staff has never been quicker or easier

What is QuikPlan Mobile - NFC Care Monitoring?

QuikPlan gives you three different ways to roster staff visits and Schedule service user calls. Rostering staff has never been quicker or easier when using QuikPlan’s Planner, Grid and Task Manager views.

You can switch between three interactive views that make the complex task of scheduling staff quick and easy. All views are interactive meaning you can change staff, visit times and appointment details by simply clicking on the visit you want to edit. With QuikPlan’s rich and informative graphical displays, at a glance you can see where you have availability within your rotas and track the activity of your care staff out in the field.

3 different interactive views

The Planner is an interactive graphical view of your planned visits. At a glance you can see the work allocated to your staff and any free availability. With this information at hand you can make quick and accurate decisions when taking on new work.

The task manager is a customisable spread sheet style view that allows you to perform all your home care administration such as rostering visits, working with invoices, payroll and mileage. You can drag and drop columns to any position and save your favourite screen layout in your user profile.

The rota grid view allows you to work more efficiently when planning staff visit rotas that are grouped together by runs or rounds. At a glance you can see where your staff are and pinpoint any gaps in your planning. The rota grid view offers a convenient way to plan logical patterns and trends.

Roster system for coordinating visits

Accurate coordination of your clients visits is the key to success for a domiciliary care agency. QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care roster software will make light work of rostering visits by using a concept of creating templates for your clients with its advanced roster system. A template is the default visits for a client so if someone wants one call per day seven days a week you would create these visits in a template entering the day of the week, the start and end times, the service you are going to provide and the regular care worker who would normally undertake the call. You can create two week templates in QuikPlan so for example, you could plan to have different carers alternating their shifts every other week.

When templates have been created for your clients it is then a simple case of instructing QuikPlan to create real visits from the information entered in the templates in the QuikPlan rota system. This process is repeated week on week thus creating the majority of your visits without any effort. There of course will be changes and you make your permanent changes in the template before you update for the week it will effect and you make the weekly changes in the current week. The clever thing about QuikPlan home care rota software is that it will take into consideration staff holidays and clients taking respite by adjusting the weekly rosters accordingly.

Working with your visits


Creating templates for your clients saves you having to repeat the same process week on week. Templates represent your clients default visits.

Available Staff Screen

QuikPlan sorts out the most suitable staff to cover a call. You can choose to hide staff that do not meet all the requirements for compliance.

Task Manager Screen

The task manager screen is where you work with real life visits with actual dates. You can change times, service provided, add, delete, cancel calls.

Working With Tasks

You can perform actions on a group of found visits and change the properties of these visits. By right clicking you will bring up a comprehensive menu whereby you can select the action you wish to take. You might want to change the service being provided or swap a member of staff for a selected group of visits. QuikPlan lets you manipulate data with ease so you get your work done faster.

Customising Your Views

QuikPlan Schedule Expert will find and display visits in any way you would like to see them. The task manager screen can be customised by dragging, dropping and realising columns as you would do with a spread sheet. You can then save this view and the next time you log onto QuikPlan your customised view will be displayed.

Displaying tasks

You can view visits by searching on criteria such as date, name of client, carer, uncovered visits, or any countless number of combinations from the many search fields available in QuikPlan, you can filter the information on screen thus allowing you to work with only the records that are relevant. Working with only the records you need can considerably reduce errors caused by accidentally amending the wrong visits.

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