Domiciliary Staff Payroll

Automate your payroll process

Paying Wages

Paying wages in the traditional manner meant copying information from timesheets, working out the pay for each visit and totalling the visits up. On top of that there may be travel costs to work out, all in all this method of working is both time consuming and prone to errors.

Fortunately QuikPlan Schedule Expert can do all this for you effortlessly. By simply working with your rotas say changing a care worker on a call, changing times of a call, adding new calls and cancelling calls, QuikPlan will automatically adjust your care workers pay accordingly. This means that creating your pay is as simple as specifying the dates of the visits you wish to include in your pay run and clicking a couple of buttons to complete the task.

QuikPlan Schedule Expert

QuikPlan Schedule Expert offers you a condensed pay form that groups together pay bands for quick easy reading and a detailed pay form that lists every visit individually, this is ideal for giving to carers for cross checking. Along with the carers pay for the visits they have undertaken you may also need to pay them for travel between calls. QuikPlan makes this task quick and easy with its automated mileage calculator and mapping facility. QuikPlan Schedule Expert will work out the distance between calls for you and calculate the travel allowance automatically then add it to your staffs pay.

If you need to adjust a member of staffs pay then you must un-confirm the pay first before you can make any changes. This ensures that changes can not be made without the users permission thus reducing the likelihood of making a mistake.

The pay screen is where you view the carers visits and the amount being paid prior to confirming the pay. When you confirm pay you are telling QuikPlan that this is the amount the carer will be paid.

Working with pay

01.Editing Pay

QuikPlan Schedule Expert allows you to easily edit pay should you make a mistake. You can edit an individual visit and override the automated pay figure by typing in a custom value. This is useful if you have agreed a special one off payment for a visit.

02. Creating Pay

With QuikPlan Schedule Expert you can create pay for any period such as date range, weeks, calendar month or even a selection of visits. There is no pay scenario that QuikPlan Schedule Expert can not handle.

03. Splitting Pay Rates

There are times when a carer’s visit time might extend into another pay rate. QuikPlan will notice the visit crosses over two pay bands and split the visit at the point where the values change and correctly pay the carer for the two different rates.

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