QuikApp Care Monitoring

A mobile phone app for monitoring care staff

What is QuikApp - NFC Care Monitoring?

QuikApp is a “cutting edge” mobile phone app for home care agencies that gives your care staff live appointment monitoring.

With the ability to log in and out of visits to confirm attendance and a safe convenient way to provide your mobile care workers with the information they need to cover their visits, QuikApp is the essential live link between your care staff and your co-ordinators.

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Easily Clock in and out of visits

When your care staff enter and leave a call they swipe their phone over an NFC tag that is placed in the service user’s home. This action prompts the staff to clock in or out of visits thus confirming their attendance.

Real time appointment Manager

Your care staff can easily view their visits for today and tomorrow from the appointment manager screen. When your co-ordinator makes changes to the rotas in QuikPlan, those changes are reflected on the care staff’s phone.

Service user appointment details

Selecting a service user’s visit on the appointment manager screen presents you with their appointment details. On this screen you can see the basic information relating to the service user’s care package.

Collaborate with the team

With QuikApp your care staff and co-ordinators can create notes and share critical service information. Creating notes as events happen keeps the whole team informed whilst providing historical records and accountability.

GPS mapping and directions

To assist your staff with directions to their appointments, QuikPlan Mobile’s built in map directions and Sat Nav guidance system will guide your staff from their current location to their next appointment.

QuikApp works without a signal

QuikApp will work without a network signal. This is because it is a full blown database program and not a basic web app.

QuikApp is not a web app, it is a sophisticated program with its own database. Unlike web apps, QuikApp will work in isolated locations without a network signal. The care worker's device is periodically syncronised with the server ensuring their visit rotas are always up to date. If the care worker loses signal at a visit, they can still clock in and out. This is because the information is stored on the device, so as soon as they have signal, the information is syncronised.

How it works

01.NFC tags (stickers) are placed in the home

NFC identity tags that are unique to your service users are placed in their home, usually located in their care plan.

02. Swipe tag with the phone to monitor care

Your care staff log in and out of visits by swiping their phone over NFC tags when they enter and leave a service user’s home.

03. NFC Electronic Call Monitoring is confirmed

Call monitoring confirmation of attendance is pushed to QuikPlan whereby the visit rotas are updated with the actual visit times.

QuikApp overview

NFC Electronic Call Monitoring - Live Appointment Monitoring (LAM)

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology built into android smartphones that activates the QuikApp phone application when a phone is swiped over an NFC tag. This technology has been adopted by QuikApp, allowing us to build LAM (Live Appointment Monitoring) in to our QuikApp application for domiciliary care and home care agencies. NFC stickers are placed in the service users care plan, in their homes. The care worker swipes their phone over the NFC sticker when they enter the home and again when they leave. Swiping the handset over the NFC sticker retrieves the details programmed into the NFC sticker (unique to each service user), along with the care workers mobile phone number, the date and time and the GPS location. This information is automatically pushed up to the QuikPlan servers and updates your QuikPlan Schedule Expert program in real time. LAM (Live Appointment Monitoring) will give you the reassurance that your care workers are at the service users home during the planned times.

QP Live Care Monitoring - (Live appointment viewer)

QP Live gives you a visual overview of your home care appointments as they actually happen. See your care workers logging in and out of visits in real time and get early warnings of late or missed visits. QP Live is an integral part of QuikPlan Schedule Expert and can be easily accessed by clicking on its tab within QuikPlan. As QP Live is updated it checks the status of your planned appointments and shows the appropriate status icon for that moment in time. When a visit is completed successfully it is automatically marked as complete and is ready for invoicing and payroll. This automated process of real time visit logging is very accurate. It will eliminate human errors and save you the time and hassle of checking off timesheets manually.

Real Time Care Monitoring Manager

QuikApp displays the care workers appointments for the current and following day. These lists of appointments are linked to the main QuikPlan Schedule Expert database, so when a coordinator changes an appointment, the care worker receives those changes almost immediately. As the appointments are completed the display changes the font colour from purple to orange thus providing an easy to see visual guide of the care workers tasks for the day. The coordinator is continuously updated as to their care workers location and if necessary, alerts can be set against time critical appointments.

Service User Appointment Details

Your care workers can view a service users address, contact details, the service being provided, coordinator notes, task notes and who is linking up with them (double up), by clicking on the arrow along side an appointment. If there is a note attached to an appointment the arrow will turn from grey to red. Having this information available to the care worker on a mobile phone is more secure than carrying paperwork because the phone is locked with a PIN when not in use. Another benefit of QuikApp is that when the information relating to a service users appointment changes in the QuikPlan database, these changes are immediately passed to the care workers.

Share notes with the team

Your coordinator can pass information to the care worker and vice versa. When a coordinators note is created in the service users record within QuikPlan, it is reflected on the care workers mobile phone. A task note can be created by the coordinator that is specific to a particular task. The care worker can create a new note or add a comment to a task note from their phone. The note is date and time stamped along with the name of the care worker who created it. This information is pushed up to the QuikPlan database where the coordinator is immediately informed of its arrival.

GPS Mapping and Directions

QuikApp will provide the care worker with directions to their next appointment by pressing the map button in the application. This takes the current GPS location and plans a route to the address of the next appointment. The route can be viewed as a map or displayed as written directions. If you prefer, the map facility within QuikApp can be linked with your sat nav for safer driving instructions.

ATM (Appointment Time Monitoring)

Appointment time monitoring is made easy by simply checking in and out of an appointment by swiping a mobile phone across an NFC sticker that is placed in the service users care plan that is placed in the home.

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