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Detailed service user records

QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care software has a detailed client database where all your vital care plan information can be accessed quickly. You can store any relevant information about your service users all in one place.

With QuikPlan’s easy to use find feature you can go straight to the information you need. In an emergency you can quickly locate the service users emergency contacts, notes and history and any important information recorded about your clients. Rapid access to information will not only improve the quality of your service it could also save lives.

QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care software allows you to suspend a service users visits if they need to take respite or stop their service for a period of time. By putting dates into the suspend from and until fields, QuikPlan will automatically stop creating visits for that client during that period. You will be reminded in advance when a client is due to restart their service thus allowing you time to check that the recommencement date of their service is valid.

About client details

QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care software offers a convenient way to store and retrieve client care plan information however the client details area is much more than a place to keep records. In this part of the program you can assign a client to a run (a geographical location within your catchments area). This, along with QuikPlan’s run route technology, makes sure you always have the nearest available carer to cover a call. There are also fields where you can input client specific information such as codes that link into call monitoring systems, custom ID and tags that are used by local authorities to make identification compatible with their systems.

Virtually all information regarding your clients care plan can be stored in this area for fast access. QuikPlan home care software provides a comprehensive place to store client information however we are always working on developing QuikPlan and our customers suggestions are always welcome.

About MAR sheets

QuikPlan Schedule expert provides a convenient way of recording Medication Administration Records. A MAR chart is the record that shows drugs have been administered to a patient. The carer signs each time a drug or device is administered to a patient. Carers administrating medication in the service users home should be suitably trained and competent to do so. This should be documented and recorded by a senior carer or manager.

Each service user can have multiple MAR records assigned to them, assigning this vital information to the service users records makes it easy for you to keep and find records that may be needed for your historic reference or CQC inspections.

Clients’ notes and history is a crucial part of care management. As incidents happen they are recorded in QuikPlan Schedule Expert with a date and time stamp and the person who entered the record. This information can be accessed in an emergency or presented on a printable form if requested by the QCC.

QuikPlan Schedule Expert makes finding information relating to your service users quick and easy. With all the information stored in one location and with the ability to login and retrieve records from literally anywhere in the world, you will always have the answers at your fingertips.

QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care software provides a convenient way to manage your clients’ assessments. Your clients’ needs are entered such as what service you are providing in the morning, lunchtime , teatime and evening. Risk assessment information is recorded along with any special requirements your clients’ may have. This can be printed on a professional form that can be left in the clients’ home.

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