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Printable timesheets

Flexible Timesheets

QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care software produces printable timesheets to hand out to your care workers. These are normally printed out on a week by week basis but you can create timesheets for any chosen period.

The time-sheets created by QuikPlan’s home care software are easy to read, breaking the visits down clearly into days of the week and time of call. There is a space for the client to sign to confirm the visit and a place to put actual start time and actual end time should the visit times change. There is also a space for the carer to record their mileage between calls.

Timesheets for a period can be printed all at the same time using either the Automatic system wizard or directly from the task manager screen. When you are ready to print your timesheets you simply select the visits (normally a week), select the style of timesheet and then print them out ready to hand out to your care workers. At the end of a week or period you have chosen, the care worker hands the their timesheet back to you and this is checked off against the visits in QuikPlan. Adjustments can be made and when you are happy the visits in QuikPlan are correct, you mark them complete.

Client & Staff Web Portal

Try out our online timesheet portal by clicking the buttons below and entering the following data. This portal gives your staff and clients secure access to view their visits.


Company ID = DEMO01 (DEMO+Zero One) Staff / Client ID = 5 Password = 1234

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Put buttons on your web site

We will send you the code so you can put these buttons on your own web site. Your clients can set up secure access to their home care visits for themselves and other people such as their family. This will allow them to see how their care is being delivered. It is a really great sales feature for your care agency and it’s FREE!

Visiting the web portal can be done from any device with Internet access like a PC or mobile phone. You have total control as to who is allowed access to this service by creating unique user accounts that are password protected.

QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care software offers several styles of timesheet: The standard timesheet shows the dates the visits are taking place, times, service being given, duration and of course the client. The detailed timesheet gives all this information but also includes the client’s address and telephone number (optional).

Our QuikPlan timesheet formats have been used for many years and are widely accepted in the industry however if you require something different we are happy to discuss these options with you. Through our secure web portal your service users and your care workers can log on to view their home care visit rosters.

Working with timesheets

01.Task Notes

You can add notes to visits to inform your care workers of special instructions they need to be aware of, for example, if the visit is a double-up or if the client’s gate needs to be kept closed. The note appears under the visit and is unique to that visit. If you want the note to repeat week after week you create it in the clients template.

02. Checking Visits

It is important to check your completed timesheets against the visits in QuikPlan Schedule Expert. You can cross check these visits manually or if you are linked into a call monitoring system the visits will be checked and marked complete automatically as your care workers make a phone call when they enter a client’s home and again when they leave (see electronic call monitoring systems).

03. Signing Time Sheets

On QuikPlan timesheets every visit has a place where the client can sign to acknowledge that they have received their visit. This is a convenient way of ensuring that the visit did take place and the client was happy to sign. This provides proof of service for future reference and offers an excellent method for preventing disputes.

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