QuikPlan Mobile + GPS Track & Trace

By 25th February 2018News

QuikPlan Software Suite + Smartphone & Support from

£12.58* Per Device / Month
Price based on 200 care workers. See details below

Only 30 Day – Pay As You Go
Software Contract – 
No Ties**

What do you get?

When you subscribe to QuikPlan + Mobile app and device you get…

  • 4G Android NFC Smartphone Quad-Core
  • with bundled data & FREE in-group calls
  • QuikPlan Mobile App + GPS Track & Trace + NFC Call Monitoring + MDM Software
  • Fully managed cloud based service 24/365 on site engineers
  • 9am to 9pm 365 software support bwith out of hours’ service
  • UK support with your own personal dedicated account manager

NOTE: You can use QuikPlan care management software without subscribing to mobile devices and network contract Contact us for a price for just the software without devices

NEW! QuikTrack GPS staff track & trace comes bundled FREE with QuikPlan Mobile app
Transparency and accountability all of the time…in real time – From £12.58 per month*

Find your nearest care workers

In an emergency or at a moment’s notice, find and display on Bing Maps the nearest care worker to cover a service user’s visit.

Instantly find the nearest care worker to cover a service user’s visit. Simply select the service user from a list, you are instantly presented with a graphical display showing your chosen service user and the care workers who are closest to the service users home. The purple icons that represent the care workers last known location are colour coded with a band around the circumference indicating whether they are booked or available to cover the call. ( Purple Icon = Care Workers ) ( Orange Icon = Service User ) Read more..

Visability of your care workers means better coordination

QuikPlan Mobile uses GPS technology to ‘Track and Trace’ your care workers activities and real time GPS locations. You can record the historic events of any staff member equipped with one of our NFC Smartphone devices that comes pre-installed with our QuikPlan Mobile app and Mobile Device Management Software. Our QuikPlan cloud software will plot locations using street mapping, giving you the GPS location of both your care workers and service users. Knowing where your care workers are in real time allows you to make informed decisions at a moment’s notice. In times of need or an emergency, identifying and selecting the nearest care worker to a service user is made easy by accessing a simple mapping screen. Establishing the location of your closest care worker to cover time critical visits is as easy as selecting a service user from a list. You are instantly presented with a view showing you who are the closest available care workers to cover a service user’s call.

Transparency and accountability all of the time… in real time

QuikPlan will give you complete transparency of care worker’s location, call history

and activity, and that means simple accountability and efficiency.

Using QuikPlan means No more missed calls, and the efficient management of delayed or late calls; you’ll also have confirmation of your completed call times and visibility of calls that are in progress.

QuikPlan will streamline scheduling and co-ordination, by giving you more efficient management and accountability of care workers activities, enhancing productivity and profitability.

  • Low Cost Subscription
  • Pay as You Go Contract
  • Market Leading Software
  • Dedicated Responsive UK Support
  • Easy to Use and Quick to Learn
  • Drives Compliance and Efficiency

*The price quoted on this page has been based on 200 mobile devices / month.

**Software subscriptions are based on a 30 day rolling contract. Mobile devices are based on a 24 month very low cost contract. Price excludes VAT.

The price quoted is an illustration guide price and is subject to quantity and circumstance. Terms and conditions apply: www.quikplan.co.uk/buy-now