State of the art Data Centre

By 25th February 2018News

NEWS! – £130,000 Investment in Cloud Computing Technology

QuikPlan servers are housed in UKFast’s purpose built data centre

Our servers are housed and managed by UKFast in a state of the art, purpose built data centre. Every possible known disaster scenario has been taken into consideration within its design to ensure your data is safe and continuity of service is maintained even in critical situations such as a total power outage.

Powerful generators are on standby

An Uninterrupted Power Supply to the data centre automatically takes over in the event of a power outage keeping the hardware running. The UPS is backed up by these three powerful generators that have sufficient fuel to run for days with a fuel supply depot near by if required.

Inside the data centre

Our servers are mounted in specially designed cabinets that are constantly monitored for any potential problems. The data centre is fully air conditioned so your hardware runs at the optimal temperature for reliability and performance. A unique type of fire sprinkler system is installed throughout the data centre to protect hardware in the event of a fire.