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CM2000 & EziTracker Call Monitoring integrated into QuikPlan

If your local authority stipulate that you use CM2000 or EziTracker for electronic call monitoring then you are still able to benefit from using QuikPlan and its advanced home care management features.

QuikPlan Limited have many customers who use QuikPlan to roster their staff and deal with their office administration while using the CM2000 system for appointment time monitoring. QuikPlan links in seamlessly to CM2000 & EziTracker and allows you to comply with your local authorities rules on using CM2000 or EziTracker call monitoring while giving you the flexibility to use QuikPlan home care roster system which is probably the most important office administration tool your care agency will ever need.

Cost to link in to CM2000 or EziTracker

QuikPlan offer a FREE link up to the CM2000 and EziTracker systems. We do not charge you anything to connect CM2000 or EziTracker to QuikPlan however the cost of CM2000 or EziTracker and its service is negotiated between you and CM2000 or EziTracker. QuikPlan Limited do not offer support for CM2000 or EziTracker related issues as you deal with them directly however we do work closely with CM2000 and EziTracker so if you have any problems they are usually sorted out quickly.

Alternatives to CM2000 and EziTracker

QuikCheck Electronic Call Monitoring

It is worth checking with your local authority to see if you can use QuikCheck as an alternative call monitoring systems. QuikPlan have both land line and mobile phone call monitoring systems. The QuikCheck landline electronic call monitoring system is around half the cost to run compared to CM2000 or EziTracker yet offers all of the same features without compromise.

QuikPlan Mobile NFC Care Monitoring

The QuikPlan Mobile system is an application designed for Android Mobile Phones whereby the process of clocking in and out of a call is greatly simplified along with the added financial benefit of no call costs. QuikPlan Mobile also gives your care workers real time appointment information on their phone along with notes and map directions from their current location to the next call. Click here to find out more about QuikPlan Mobile.

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