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Subscribing to QuikPlan Schedule Expert


12 reasons why home care agencies choose QuikPlan

A complete home care software solution
Maximum 30 day software contract period
Work securely off our fully managed servers
Low cost monthly contract (Pay As You Go)
Fully automated daily + 30 minute backups
Log in remotely to QuikPlan from anywhere
24/7/365 engineer coverage on our servers
Easy to learn with our step by step training
Award winning UK support for your software
You get a dedicated support account manager
Easily networked to share with colleagues
Regular program upgrades are free of charge 

We help new starter Home Care businesses

Talk to us about your new business and we will help you get your Domiciliary Care Agency off the ground with reduced fees, free support and good advice.

What do you get when you subscribe to QuikPlan?

Subscribing to QuikPlan

When you subscribe to QuikPlan’s Domiciliary Care Software you get the exclusive and unlimited use of the full version of QuikPlan Schedule Expert domiciliary care software. Your program resides on a secure area on one of our dedicated servers. Your own unique version of QuikPlan Schedule Expert is supported by a fully managed service including dedicated server support with engineers on site 24/7/365 in case of server failure. We handle your daily backups with up to 7 days history. Full training and unlimited product support is provided free of charge for the first three months with the option to continue our award winning unlimited product support for a nominal monthly fee thereafter.


Contract period (pay as you go)

QuikPlan Limited adopts a pay as you go policy with a 30 day maximum contract period. We believe that you should be happy to pay for the use of the software and equipment it runs on and you should be free end your home care software subscription within a month for what ever reason (free home care software). Many of our competitors adopt a long contract period policy, sometimes up to three years, but how can you be sure what the next three years will hold for you? What if after signing a long term agreement you find out that the software does not work as expected? In such a case you could be left with an unnecessary financial burden. We are so confident that QuikPlan Schedule Expert will be the ideal solution for you that we only ask you to stay with us as long as you want.

How is QuikPlan licenced

Domiciliary care software licencing

QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care software is licenced on a per active user basis. This means that if two people are using QuikPlan Schedule Expert at the same time then two or more licences would be needed. There is no restriction on how many computers QuikPlan Schedule Expert can be set up on or how many people you have given permission to use the program. When someone logs off QuikPlan Schedule Expert it frees up a licence for someone who is authorised by you to use the program. Please refer to our User Licence Definition for further details on our licencing policy.

Adding and removing licences

After you have subscribed to QuikPlan the process of adding and removing licences is as simple as sending us an email or giving us a call. The great advantage of our pay as you go service is that when you are doing well, say you have just won a contract and need another coordinator to help manage the rotas, then the small additional monthly cost of an extra licence is insignificant against your extra revenue. If you are faced with cutbacks then dropping a licence is simple and painless and can always be added again when business improves.

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