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QuikPlan’s User licence definition


A first user licence allows any one person within your organisation to be logged on to QuikPlan.

Each separate QuikPlan database program must have at least one first user licence.

You can add as many additional user licences to your first user licence as you wish.

One additional user licence will allow any two people in your organisation to be logged on to QuikPlan at the same time.

If you have a first user licence and an additional 5 user licence then 6 people can be logged on and working with QuikPlan at the same time and so on.

When a person logs off QuikPlan it frees up a licence for someone else to use.

There is no limit to the amount of computers you can set up to use QuikPlan.

There is no limit to the amount of people you can allocate to use QuikPlan.

User licences represent the number of people who can be logged onto QuikPlan at any one time.

A branch is a division or separate office owned or managed by your company (head office) where an individual QuikPlan database will be used. An individual QuikPlan database must have at least a first user licence and can be allocated additional licences from the head office pool of additional licences.

If you have many branches you can view and manage all of these separate QuikPlan databases from one computer with shortcuts to each branch subject to a user licence being free for the branch you wish to connect to.

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