Why choose QuikPlan?

QuikPlan Domiciliary Care Software – Managing over £100,000,000 of invoicing every year

Reasons to choose QuikPlan Domiciliary Care Software

Looking for the right home care software for your business can be a real challenge

Let’s face it… Not all software is the same, until you have used it you will find some software works well and some doesn’t. We believe that providing outstanding domiciliary care software requires technically advanced development backed up by excellent customer support in order to meet the day to day challenges faced by domiciliary care agencies. Not only do you need the best software to meet high CQC and government standards, the software system you use must enhance your business processes to improve quality, efficiency and profitability. QuikPlan gives you the tried and tested tools you need to do your job quickly and accurately, simplifying labour intensive tasks while reinforcing your business rules.

Software needs excellent customer support

QuikPlan software is a powerful business tool that you will rely on every day. We make sure that QuikPlan works for your care agency, your software service is backed up with our excellent customer support. We have a structured training programme to ensure you and your staff are fully trained and your QuikPlan software is tailored to suite your businesses exact requirements.

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The best price and service

We have been working hard since 2002 to give our customers the best possible service, user experience and with only one price increase in all of those years, the best possible price. If you choose to join us, we will look after you. We will continue to develop innovative software to make your life easier and wherever possible, we will give you all our upgrades and new features at no extra cost. That’s our promise to you from the QuikPlan Team!

What QuikPlan can do for you

Automate time consuming administration
Offers the best suited staff to cover calls
Confirm and record staff visit attendance
Effortlessly process payroll, billing & finance
Organise your data for improved efficiency
Keep your team informed in near real time

Why choose QuikPlan?

Pay As You Go 30 Day Subscription

No hidden charges or surprise bills.

With QuikPlan there are no hidden charges or surprise bills. Instead, you pay as you go so you can see a return on your investment right away. Upgrading to the latest version of the application is included in your subscription, so you never have to worry about additional costs.

Fully Customisable

Customisable to fit your unique business needs.

Your company is unique. Think about your processes, your business model and the way that you like to provide care. QuikPlan understands that no two companies are alike, that’s why it is fully customisable to fit your unique business needs.

Software in the Cloud

Cloud Based software is upgraded automatically.

Never buy, install, or upgrade software again. Our Cloud Based software is upgraded automatically, which means you’re always on the latest version. All your customisations and integrations last through every upgrade.

Software Integration

Seamlessly integrate with third party systems.

QuikPlan can produce output files that will integrate with finance packages such as Sage and Local Authority systems. It can seamlessly integrate with third party systems or we can create bespoke integrations on your request.

Security to the Highest Standards

Ensure your customer data is protected.

QuikPlan ensures that your customer data is protected with physical security, data encryption, user authentication, application security, and more. Using the latest firewall protection, intrusion detection systems, and proprietary security products, QuikPlan gives you the peace of mind that only a world-class security infrastructure can provide.

Ready to go the next day

Sign up online and start the next day.

Simply sign up online and the next working day we will call you for your first interactive training session. Our friendly support staff will guide you through the set up process and help you tailor QuikPlan to accommodate your business model. From day one you will be entering data and getting instant organisational benefits from using QuikPlan.

Staff and Client Web Portals

Staff and families can stay up-to-date on the web.

QuikPlan online web portals allow your staff to quickly access service user information ahead of visits and ensures families can stay informed of their visits schedules from any internet enabled device.

Ready to go the next day

Sign up online and start the next day.

Simply sign up online and the next working day we will call you for your first interactive training session. Our friendly support staff will guide you through the set up process and help you tailor QuikPlan to accommodate your business model. From day one you will be entering data and getting instant organisational benefits from using QuikPlan.

User friendly domiciliary care software

QuikPlan Schedule Expert is the ideal home care software for computerising your domiciliary care agency. It is fast, easy to use, and can be used from literally any computer anywhere in the world, so if you need to work from home, you can work seamlessly with your work colleagues in the office.

Simplify your daily tasks

QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care software has many useful features to simplify your daily administration. Most of your daily tasks are repeated week after week with only the unforeseen changes like a care worker taking time off or a client cancelling a call. QuikPlan creates your visits from client templates that represent your clients’ default weekly requirements. By automating this process QuikPlan can save you over 80% of unnecessary administration time.

Automate your administration

By simply swapping a care worker or cancelling a call, QuikPlan home care software will adjust your pay and invoicing information leaving you with the simple task of clicking a couple of buttons at the end of a period to automatically produce and print your care workers’ pay and clients’ invoices.

What equipment do you need to run QuikPlan Schedule Expert

QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care software will work on most operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 95, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 2000 Server, 2003 Server & 2008 Server , Mac OS X version 10.2.8 or later, Linux, Citrix and any other operating system that supports Remote Desktop Protocol.

The reason QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care software can run on so many different operating systems is because it uses Remote Desktop Protocol. This is a technology that allows QuikPlan to appear as if it is running on your own computer when in fact it is running on our powerful servers. This means that you do not need to invest in expensive computer equipment as we have done the investment for you giving you the power and flexibility to share your program with many users from any location with a broadband or 3G connection.

Work with QuikPlan Schedule Expert from anywhere

QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care software offers you much more than a low cost hardware setup, it allows you to work from anywhere you like (as long as you have a laptop or mobile device with a 3G connection or better). Our best home care software feature is that you can take QuikPlan with you wherever you go and see the changes made by others in real time. The days of having to be chained to a desk are gone as the technology to use QuikPlan in this way will give you the freedom to get out and about while keeping your finger on the pulse. All of the amazing features you see on this web site come included in the subscription cost, there are no hidden charges*(please refer to variable features marked with an* at the bottom of this page).

QuikPlan is more than software it is a complete service including support, training, backups, and regular upgrades to our service. For a fixed subscription (subject to how many licences you have) you use QuikPlan to run your business and we manage the rest.

The power of QuikPlan Schedule Expert

QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care software works just as well as a single user program as it does a multiple user interface. Its intuitive and user friendly front end (the screens that you see) conceals a very powerful database that can handle many millions of transactions and thousands of users inputting data at the same time. The technology used to develop QuikPlan has been used by the likes of Shell Shipping and High Street Banks so if your business grows to an enormous size you will not outgrow QuikPlan.

Variable features marked by * Some services such as call monitoring that can be integrated into QuikPlan that are provided by third party companies will be quoted independently by them and may incur additional costs. Additions to QuikPlan that are subject to variable use such as our QuikCheck call monitoring, QuikPlan Mobile and SMS messaging are not included in our monthly subscription and are charged extra.

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