• Care Staff Rostering

    qCare Staff Rostering

    Easily roster staff and plan appointments from the Task Manager, Planner and Grid views. Using these three interactive screens you can effortlessly roster, edit and co-ordinate your staff rotas and service users appointments...

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  • ECM Visit Confirmation

    rECM Visit Confirmation

    Using either QuikPlan Mobile or QuikCheck your care staff can easily log in and out of appointments and confirm their attendance. Confirmed appointment times are pushed up to QuikPlan automatically. You can see your staff clocking in and out of visits ...

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  • QuikPlan Mobile NFC App

    iQuikPlan Mobile NFC App

    QuikPlan Mobile Phone Electronic Call Monitoring NFC App is a state of the art NFC Mobile Phone Care Monitoring System that links your care workers to QuikPlan, keeping everyone informed in real time. QuikPlan Mobile gives your care workers up to date app...

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  • QuikCheck Care Monitoring

    fQuikCheck Care Monitoring

    QuikCheck (Electronic Call Monitoring) is a cost effective way to monitor staff appointment attendance. Using the service user's home phone, the care staff dial a Freephone number where they are greeted with a message and prompted to enter their PIN code...

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  • Home Care Invoicing

    hHome Care Invoicing

    Invoices are calculated automatically as you coordinate your rotas. Your service users care package can be split and invoiced to the relevant individuals or authority. QuikPlan offers a large choice of informative invoice styles...

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  • Domiciliary Staff Payroll

    nDomiciliary Staff Payroll

    Payroll is calculated automatically as you coordinate your tasks. It is fast accurate and takes into account different times of the day, pay grades and individual agreements. The pay data can be imported directly into Sage Payroll...

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  • Care Staff Details

    bCare Staff Details

    QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care software has a detailed care workers database where all your vital information can be accessed quickly. You can store any relevant information about your carers all in one place. With QuikPlan’s easy to use find feature ...

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  • Service User Details

    aService User Details

    Keep your service users details safe in QuikPlan for fast retrieval of information. The client details area provides fields for the personalisation of their care package. QuikPlan uses this data to offer the best staff to cover an appointment...

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  • Timesheets & Web Portals

    cTimesheets & Web Portals

    QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care software produces printable timesheets to hand out to your care workers. These are normally printed out on a week by week basis but you can create timesheets for any chosen period....

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  • Mileage, Maps & Travel

    kMileage, Maps & Travel

    QuikPlan’s built in mileage and mapping feature not only gives you a visual geographical representation of your home care appointments, it also accurately calculates staff mileage and fuel reimbursement automatically...

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  • Care Manager Information

    lCare Manager Information

    View critical information about your business from one easy to understand location. The information centre shows the status of reminders, uncovered visits, expiring services and service users due to return from respite...

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  • Cloud Based Software

    oCloud Based Software

    Your home care software is delivered to your computer via a remote desktop connection. This allows you to work from literally anywhere in the world. You can work seamlessly with colleagues from home, the office or even on the move...

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  • SMS Text Messaging

    dSMS Text Messaging

    QuikPlan’s text messaging add-on allows you to text directly form your QuikPlan home care software program making the whole process of informing care workers both quick and accurate. ...

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