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What is QuikTrack | Staff GPS Location + Track & Trace?

QuikTrack is a GPS staff tracking system that works in conjunction with QuikApp care monitoring system

Instantly find your nearest care worker to cover a call, view your staffs’ current locations and retrace their historical activities using Bing Maps.

Do you know where your care staff are?

You do with QuikPlan's GPS Track & Trace system

QuikPlan’s mobile phone staff monitoring app (QuikApp) not only monitor’s care workers attendance through its built in Electronic Call Monitoring system, it sends the phones GEO-Tack (GPS) location back to your QuikPlan software. You can pinpoint the last known location of your staff and retrace their historical movements. With the ability to monitor your staffs’ real time whereabouts, you have the tools to improve efficiency, profitability and accountability for non-compliance circumstances.

Instantly find the closest carer to a service user

In an emergency and at a moment’s notice you can find your nearest available care workers to cover a service user’s visit. By selecting the service user from a list you are instantly presented with a map displaying your nearest care workers and a simple graphical display of their status showing whether they are booked or free. Having this much control and visibility over your staffs’ whereabouts means a quick response time to rota changes resulting in less late or missed visits.

Rota changes updated automatically

Office & care staff notified as changes happen. QuikPlan Mobile keeps your care workers and your coordinators informed of rota changes as they happen. Changes to your visit rotas that are made by the coordinator are pushed to the care workers’ phones whereby they are alerted to the change. Your coordinators not only receive the GPS locations of your care staff, they can also see them clocking in and out of service user calls using QuikPlan Mobile’s cutting edge NFC Electronic Call Monitoring system.

Why use QuikTrack GPS Track & Trace Software?

QuikTrack is a GPS mobile phone tracking system that works in conjunction with the QuikApp NFC care monitoring software. QuikApp is a care attendance system that communicates your care staffs activity out in the field and relays this vital information back to you in near real time. Staff tracking and attendance information is displayed to you in various formats via your QuikPlan home care rostering and finance management software.

QuikTrack takes care worker monitoring to the next level by sending your care workers GPS location back to your coordinators in the office. With QuikTrack you can view the whereabouts of your staff and your clients locations using Bing Maps. Your carers are tracked using their GPS location using QuikTrack location and street mapping software. QuikTrack is a bundled up addition to QuikApp that comes installed on your care workers smartphones (Available from

Transparency and accountability all of the real time

In an emergency or at a moment’s notice, find and display on Bing Maps the nearest care worker to cover a service user’s visit.

Instantly find the nearest care worker to cover a service user’s visit. Simply select the service user from a list, you are instantly presented with a graphical display showing your chosen service user and the care workers who are closest to the service users home. The purple icons that represent the care workers last known location are colour coded with a band around the circumference indicating whether they are booked or available to cover the call. ( Purple Icon = Care Workers ) ( Orange Icon = Service User )

Track and trace the real time locations of your care workers’ whereabouts. Satisfy CQC compliance and stay in control by capturing their live and historical activities.

Track the real time locations of your care workers throughout the day and retrace their historical activities. In order to maintain compliance, guarantee quality of service and satisfy CQC requirements, you need know where your staff are and where they have been. You can visually check the route they have taken and confirm their visit attendance using QuikApp NFC call monitoring system, combined with their GPS location you can guarantee your care workers are where they are meant to be at the time you planned. (Orange Icon = Confirmed Visits ) ( Black Icon = GeoTrack Locations)

View the geographical locations of your service users and gain a clearer understanding of your businesses operating areas. Visually follow trends and expand your business with informed information.

View all of your service users’ locations on Bing Maps and get a better understanding of your most cost effective geographic areas. You can easily ascertain where the concentration of your business is and spot trends in geographical patterns. It is also quite rewarding to watch your business grow as more service users appear on your map as your geographic area expands. ( Orange Icon = Service Users)

Graphically displayed on Bing Maps is the last known GPS locations of your care workers. This powerful graphical interface gives you total visibility of your care workers out in the field.

The ability to graphically see all your care workers on an easy to read map gives you total visibility of their whereabouts out in the field. Your care workers are arguably the most important and the most expensive asset in your business. Knowing where everyone is, at any time, is of vital importance to the efficient running of a home care agency, being able to see where your staff are puts you firmly in control. ( Purple Icon = Care Workers )

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