Care Staff Details

Detailed care worker records

Care Staff Details

QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care software has a detailed care workers database where all your vital information can be accessed quickly.

You can store any relevant information about your carers all in one place. With QuikPlan’s easy to use find feature you can go straight to the information you need. Training records and employment information can be collated in one area making it easy to manage large volumes of data pertaining to your staff. One of the many useful features you can find in the care workers details area is the ability to assign a care worker to a preferred run. When covering a call, QuikPlan’s run route management feature will offer available carers who are the closest to the client based on their geographic runs.

QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care software can inform you if a care worker is available to cover a call based on a carers working week. It is unreasonable to assume that a care worker can work 24/7 without a break and some workers need to work around commitments such as taking and collecting children from school. With QuikPlan’s working week you can tell QuikPlan when a care worker is available for work. When choosing a care worker to cover a call QuikPlan will show those who have been marked unavailable for work as “A” absent. You can still choose to override this restriction but you would normally call the care worker first. This reminder and the many other features built into QuikPlan will help you to aleviate the need to remember everything and make managing vast quantities of information easy.

Create a working week matrix so you know when your staff are available for work.

Keep all of your staffs’ detailed information in one place for fast retrieval.

Quickly find a member of staffs’ emergency contacts such as next of kin or doctor.

Suspend staff for a specified period such as holiday, sick, meetings and training.

The QuikPlan Schedule Expert care worker details screen offers much more than a convenient place to store detailed information about your staff; it provides an interface for the user to enter other care worker specific information

You can even print address labels for your care workers or export out their details in a spread sheet format. The ratings feature is a useful tool to ensure that a care worker with the necessary skill can fulfil the special requirements of a client.

Working with care workers details

01.Holidays and sick

Holidays and sick can be booked easily from the care workers details screen. When making a booking you can assign pay and uncover any visits that conflict with the holiday or sick times. A record of how many days have been taken is recorded for each care worker.

02.Accessing records

QuikPlan Schedule Expert makes finding information relating to your care workers quick and easy. With all the information stored in one location and with the ability to login and retrieve records from literally anywhere in the world, you will always have the answers at your fingertips.

03. Mailing labels

Within the care workers details screen you have the facility to create and print mailing labels. From the information stored in the database you can select the care workers you wish to include in the mail creation and press print to produce Avery style sticky postal labels.

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