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QuikPlan’s text messaging add-on allows you to text directly form your QuikPlan home care software program making the whole process of informing care workers both quick and accurate.

When using a conventional mobile telephone to inform a care worker of changes to their rota not only do you need to type in all this information but you need to be sure you have selected the right carer. In both cases entering this data by hand can lead to unnecessary mistakes. Using QuikPlan’s text service you simply highlight the visit you have changed and choose send text from the menu. All the relevant information is entered into the text window with dates, times and the selected care worker who needs to be informed. You have the option to edit the text message before you send it. By letting QuikPlan enter the text for you and select the appropriate carer, you eliminate the likelihood of errors.

A pay as you go service

QuikPlan text messaging service is an optional pay as you go add-on service. The amount of texts you send are recorded and you are charged at the end of each month. The cost of the texts depends on the amount you use within a month, the more you use the cheaper the texts become. There is no charge for having your text messaging enabled as you only pay for the texts you use.

Text Messaging Management Screen

About instant text messaging

Instant text messaging directly from your QuikPlan program saves you time and reduces errors. All texts sent are recorded so you can look at the history of your sent texts. It is easier to manage texts sent from one place than from multiple mobile phones.

Alert care workers of changes

Alert care workers of changes to their rotas. There is no need to retype this information into a mobile phone, simply click the text message icon and send a text directly to the care worker you need to inform.

Send texts to groups of people

QuikPlan text messaging allows you to send text messages to everyone or a selected number of people. This feature makes it easy to inform a work group about a meeting or changes in procedures.

SMS message report

Sending text messages from QuikPlan means that all text correspondence are centralised and with the built in text reporting tool you can review and manage your correspondence with greater control.

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